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    The Best Way to Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar

    May 22, 2017

    There are many good reasons for learning how to play acoustic guitar, and as you’re reading this perhaps you have your own reasons too. For a lot of people out there it could be a fun hobby to loosen up, unwind and to pass the time. Others find remarkable rewards in always learning and overcoming every challenge. Some enjoy showing off their talents to others, and perhaps try to impress colleagues, friends, family or crushes. The most ambitious one sees it as a way to start a new career as a musician, song writer or a pop star. No matter what your reason is, learning how to play an acoustic guitar could be extremely rewarding and will provide you a skill which will stay with you for life.

    How to Learn an Acoustic Guitar?

    There are lots of means to learn to play acoustic guitar. Some choose to hire a teacher who could show them how to play this instrument in person, and answer any queries right away. Also there are books and video products available out there. Books are great as they are reasonable and you could bring them anywhere without switching your computer on. Videos also have the benefits of being able to show you the steps. Others choose to take an online lesson that could you right from newbie to expert guitar playing on one course. These methods work so it is up to you how you want to learn- no matter what you choose; it is up to you to put in the practice.

    When to Learn Acoustic Guitar?

    There’s no magic bullet with regards to learning how to play acoustic guitar, and the only way is to practice. If you get more time to practice, the more progress you’ll make in a short span of time. Practice as frequently as possible, and aim for three to four times a week. Certainly, if you want to turn acoustic guitar playing into a career, you will have to put in more time, the pros practice for five to five hours a day. Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits guitarist said “I nailed the art of falling asleep while I was playing when I was a teenager. I would end up on the floor with a guitar over me, because I would nod off with my hands going through the same old thing.” If playing an acoustic guitar will only be a hobby then you do not have to practice that hard however the more you put in, the more you get out.

    How Long It Will Take to Master Acoustic Guitar?

    It depends on many things. If you can play a musical instrument, you will find it easier because you will have some idea or knowledge of music theory. The number of time you practice this music instrument will make a huge difference as well. Like it or not, a lot of people have natural talent that others and will pick it up faster. For some, it must take about six months to one year of good practice to become accustom in playing acoustic guitar.

    Is Learning this Instrument Hard?

    It is neither easy nor hard to learn acoustic guitar. A lot of people find it difficult to start and find that it gets simpler and easier quite quickly. A lot of people will find it easy than others as they are lucky to be born with natural talent as well as good sized hands, however anyone could reach a good phase with a little effort, patience, and good advice.

    Is it expensive to learn how to play Acoustic Guitar?

    Acoustic guitar range in price from $50 to $1000 however it could be extremely cheap to begin learning this instrument. All you want is a guitar, spare strings, picks, and a tuner.